New to the game and need to know more about buying off the plan? We have answered the most common questions we receive in relation to this, and many questions specifically about selections, variations and your new life at Ross Garden.

General buying off the plan questions

What is buying off the plan?

Buying off the plan means that you are purchasing something that has not been built yet. You are signing a contract on an apartment house based on the information provided before construction has commenced.

What is the benefit of buying off the plan?

There are many benefits to buying off the plan including, potential capital growth, alternative deposit types, tax benefits, government concessions and grants and being able to purchase a brand new home with selection choices. Normally buying off the plan offer competitive prices and with a longer settlement give you more time to either save more money or sell your current home.

What deposit do I need?

Standard deposit for off the plan if 10%.

What grants am I eligible for?

You can see what grants you are eligible for by visiting:

Can I sign a contract subject to finance?

Off the plan contracts are on an unconditional basis. That means you can not sign subject to finance.

What happens if the development doesn't go ahead?

The developer has until the sunset date stipulated in the contract to complete the build. If it is not complete by then you have the right to cancel the contract and claim your deposit back.

What is a sunset clause?

A sunset clause is a clause in the off the plan contract that states a date up until which the developer has to complete the project. This is normally 6 months after the expected practical completion date.

Can I cancel the contract?

Once you are in an unconditional contract and the cooling off period has expired, you can not get out of your contract unless both parties mutually agree.

When do I need to let my conveyancer know?

Once you sign a contract you should appoint a conveyancer and let your agent know. A conveyancer will then review your contract with you.

Do I need to be pre-approved for finance before I sign?

While it is not a condition of signing the contract we highly recommend you speak to a mortgage broker before signing and make sure your finances are in order to be able to complete the purchase.

What if my circumstances change?

Once you have entered into an unconditional contract and the cooling off period has expired, even if your circumstances change, you will need to settle on the purchase. You can speak to your agent about on-selling your contract.

Who is my main point of contact?

Your agent should be your go-to for all communication throughout the whole process.

How will I get updated on the progress?

At a minimum your agent will send you an update email once a month with any progress on the development. If you have any questions in between those updates please feel free to contact your agent.

Ross Garden specific questions

What payments do I have to make after I have paid my deposit?

None until settlement.

What is included/excluded?

A ‘turn-key’ solution. This means everything including landscaping, fencing, letter boxes, driveways and paths.

What selections can I choose from?

Clients will be given 2 schemes to select from.

Can I make a variation to my floor plan or fixtures and fittings?

The floor plan is unable to be altered due to council approvals. Once handover is complete, the client is free to do as they please, however, the developer must deliver the project in accordance with the approved drawings.

Fixture and fittings can be upgraded in accordance with the provided documents.

Can I provide my own fixtures and fittings?


Will I be able to see the electrical plan?


Can I use my own builder and tradespeople?


What happens if I am not happy with the end product?

You have a defect liability period of 90 days after settlement which you can raise any issue with the builder.

Can I have a pre-settlement inspection?

Yes. This will be conducted with the builder.

Are there any community or strata fees?

Yes there are. You can request a copy of the Strata Search.


Our floor plans and site plan have been drawn by a professional to give you a visual and realistic idea of how your new home will be laid out. With 11 different lay outs to choose from, ranging from 3 – 4 bedrooms, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs. Have a look and take your pick!


Ross Garden has been designed to give residents both a stunning and functional home; all to be enjoyed with the simplicity of suburban living. Hectorville is a family suburb full of culture, offering an abundance of local restaurants and cafes, as well as facilities such as Hectorville Sports & Community Centre and Latitude Trampoline Park & Rock Climbing Adventure.


Take a look at the handpicked appliances and finishes that will be the cherry on top of your brand new townhouse. The chosen appliances, such as SMEG and Fisher & Paykel, offer you not only trustworthy functionality, but also contemporary looks to fit in perfectly with your modern fittings and finishes.

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